Food Tours in Antigua?

on July 26, 2019 | By Tiffany Azille

Question… Why a Food Tour?
Answer… It’s the best way to experience a new place is through its cuisine.

A lot of the times we travel seeking a new experience and end up with much the same, each country visit blending into the other, till no country was distinguishable from the last. Vacation travel is for seeking out fun, relaxation and adventure. What better way to truly immerse yourself in adventure than to take your taste buds on the wildest ride.

Embrace the culture and bask in the customs through a guided food tour of St. John’s City. Delight in the savory and indulge in the sweets awaiting your taste buds. Come reward your inner foodie with our Eat ‘n Lime Food Tours.
The best thing about visiting a new place is making new discoveries; the worst thing about it is not knowing where to start. If you’re a conscientious traveler, you’re seeking the most authentic experience imaginable. So hopefully when you’re Googling ‘Things to do in Antigua & Barbuda’ this is a helpful guide.

Question… Things to do in Antigua?
Answer… Eat ‘n Lime Food Tours.

This tasty adventure includes…
Island Beehive Sports Bar! if you’re lucky enough to make this your 1st stop off the boat you’re in for a treat. The energy and ambience of this sports bar/foodie treat will have you caught up in the excitement of the city. The specialty wings, local food and beer specials are all reason enough to indulge, but your specialized experience – with a little bit of everything – will offer you the ability to experience our local beverages – with variety – in a fun new way.

Then off to…

Hemingway’s! It is a gem, easily accessible right off the ship at the bottom of St. Mary’s St. in St. John’s city. With a balcony overlooking the street, you can see the pulse of the city beating beneath you as you enjoy a delightful assortment scrumptious treats; specially selected to titillate your palate. You’ll love the carefully concocted meals prepared with specially selected ingredients and the ambiance is sure to put you in the mood for more adventure.

We won’t forget…

Brownies Bakery: A truly local treasure, this bakery boasts no less than 5 locations island wide. Known for its traditional breakfast offerings on a daily basis, Brownie’s is especially infamous around the island for their ability to keep up with the local populace’s addiction to freshly baked bread and sweet buns. Your waist might not thank you, but your mouth will.

We can also make a quick stop at…

One stone Ital Shack! This all Vegan experience will have your palate calling you a liar. The savory patties with their sweet sauces made with fresh local fruits will blow your foodie mind. This restaurant is unique also in its incorporation of Rastafarian design in its outdoor decor and also in its menu. This will help you experience just another facet of the rich culture that shapes our island’s customs.

On the food tours that will be offered there will be so many other stops that your tummy will be delighted for!

This Food tour will end with you satisfied and sleepy – as is our custom. So once again while you’re looking for things to do in Antigua, look no further than Eat ‘n Lime Food Tours, the real way to visit Antigua.

Tiffany Azille

Food Tours in Antigua?

on July 26, 2019