About Eat ‘N Lime Food Tours

Being the first of its kind on island, the Eat 'N Lime Food Tours were created to give you a chance to experience Antigua's & Barbuda's culture mainly through your tastebuds all while learning about our rich history and interesting architecture. Our goal is to create more foodies and to expand the palate of the veterans.

The historic Heritage Quay. The beginning of the tour.

Meet our founder!

Tiffany Azille

Owner & Tour Guide

Originally an educator and textbook author, Tiffany has an interest and love for food! Born and raised in Antigua, she developed a love specifically for the local dishes and could often be found experimenting in her kitchen. As a child, her culinary interests were sparked by a number of interesting food adventures that were often seen on The Food Network! Now, she’s creating opportunities for others to be on their own culinary adventure.


Meet our Tour Guide!

With over 30 years in the tourism and for industry, meet our infection tour guide Heather!


Tour Guide

Last served as an Asst. Food & Beverage Manager at a local 5-star hotel, Heather has decided to put her infectious skills to use.